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One of the most profitable ways of cargo delivery

Shipment by rail

Railway freight is one of the most profitable ways of cargo delivery due to low rate and quality of services provided. Besides it is reliable way to ship cargo to anywhere. We can offer shipments in 3ft, 5ft, 20ft, 40ft and 40HQ cntrs and in wagons of different sizes and types. Our agents control qualitative and fast reloading of cargo at borders. Our company has its own railway codes to ship cargo in Kazakhstan, whichallows us to offer our clients the most competitive rates.

The main advantages of railway freight:

  • High carrying capacity and throughput
  • Independence from climatic condition, season and day.
  • The high frequency of shipments.
  • The relatively low rates.
  • The best transit time for shipments from far places of the world.

By train

If for you on the sort of activity a necessity does not lose actuality for transporting of loads and if you though one time used a railway transport for this aim, then could not notice a difference in a price.

 Railway transportations in times cheaper, in times quicker, in times safer.

And you in fact correctly accented the attention - this type of cargo since olden times is considered most advantageous and highly sought, it is used in 6 cases from 10 from optimal combination of price and quality.

How many exists types of load, so much I am types of his transporting. One only transportation can guarantee delivery of your load a railway transport the carriages of different types in accordance with character of load.

If you are not sure that able exactly to define, what carriage needs you, if you had a necessity to send a few loads differentiating on descriptions and needing different types of transporting, bravely choose railway transportations.

The professionals of company "Green Logistics" recommend a railway transport as most reliable and relatively cheap. In a short space of time they will pick up the best route and corresponding container for you, taking into account the individual features of load.

Is it necessary with care to deliver a fragile commodity in other end of country? Do you engage in supplying with quickly deteriorating foodstuffs, therefore do a basic accent not only on speed of delivery but also on thermo-insulation? Does your commodity require obligatory access of air? On all requirements we will have an exactly that answer that is expected by a client. Namely: quality, safety, reliability, clearness of the following instructions, is transportation by a railway transport with "Green Logistics"

If you search a method to send your load by the most reliable method, then you it will find necessarily, appealing to "Green Logistics".

For us:

own codes on territory of Kazakhstan;

literate specialists, supervisory the following of commodity and his overweight on the frontier stations;

possibility quickly to deliver a load in the required point; not high tariffs;

quality that you will be satisfied.

And there is another not insignificant nuance - we always understand our clients.