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Most affordable and convenient form of delivery

Shipment by truck

International shipment by truck is the most affordable and convenient form of delivery. Our staff is ready to arrange shipment and advise you on the delivery of a consolidated shipment with different trucks. Our trucks are equipped with necessary quantity of belts, which meet all the technical requirements for the organization of international shipments. Our managers provide clients with daily tracing information.

The main advantages of shipment by truck:

  • High availability.
  • Possibility of delivery "from door to door."
  • High removability, flexibility, dynamism.
  • The high speed of delivery.
  • The ability to use different routes and delivery schemes.
  • A wide range of suitable carriers.

Basic advantages of Shipment by truck:

All, who needs rapid delivery of load on a country or on territory of the contiguous states, probably, as a transfer will choose a car: the most usual and comfortable in our understanding motor vehicle. Transportations a motor transport during decades is remained by the accessible for majority method of transporting of loads of different sizes.

But as and where among hundreds of suggestions to find an exactly that car that will conform to all requirements captious, and, does mean, accountable for the commodity, proprietor of load?

Herein the paradox of situation consists: attractive offers too much, in fact motor-car transportations of loads are ready to carry out so much companies, that it is possible to get lost among them, not knowing, on what exactly oriented, not to miscalculate.

Small prompt: pay attention to experience and amount of the satisfied clients.

These two indexes are possessed by a well-known in Kazakhstan company "Green Logistics".

From 1996 are beginning of activity - the specialists of a transport-dispatch company worked out the own algorithm of service of customers, including complete organization of transporting and responsibility for a commodity, : from the detailed consultation to delivery to certain address and unloading.

Motor-car transportations we carry out on a chart "from a door to the door", that, undoubtedly, very advantageously for a client.

In addition, to any customer - be it by a physical or legal person - a checking of route and load feature is accessible.

Transportations are organized a motor transport so that a customer gets information about the location of the commodity every day, it needs to it only to call on a web-site and inquire a report for an operator.

In principle, we surprise our clients nothing, offering the best methods of delivery of load. Those, who knows "Green Logistics" the not first year, a long ago got used, that at the order of трансферта waits them:

choice of variant;

concordance of route;

complete control and all-round accompaniment of load on the way;

safety of any type of commodity (for transportation of loads of different size for us the corresponding types of fastening are envisaged);

high-rate of delivery;

flexible charts and flexibility of price politics.

We are able to give to the clients not simply good, and the best are riches of choice. For us it is possible to choose everything: car, company-ferryman, time and method of delivery and even affordable cost.

And who can assert after such, that motor-car transportations of loads are boring standard work? We object!

We work, first of all, with people. Every customer finds understanding and desire to help in "Green Logistics". For 19 at the market we managed so to study the needs of customers, that now our experience allows to guess them.

The number of our customers increases every day, hurry to join and you! For us a seating capacity is unreserved, that you. We want simply, that you felt the real quality of service as quick as possible.